A Beginner’s Guide to Seedboxes and Servers

Now, you might have heard about a seedbox but didn’t really understand what it is and how is it used. Well, you won’t be the first one because seedboxes are still a relatively new technology and are widely used in torrenting.

It can really make your life easier as a torrenter as you don’t have to wait for hours anymore for a file to download or upload. Interested to learn more about it?

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about seedboxes and how to use them. So, by the end of this guide, you will be able to decide whether you need to get a seedbox or not and if yes, then how to get it and set it up.

What is a Seedbox?

So, you have heard of a seedbox being used with torrent mostly, but what is it exactly?

Basically, a seedbox is a dedicated online remote server that allows you to seed and leech torrent files 24*7. In simpler terms, it is basically a separate computer system that everyone uses to download and upload torrent files without using their own bandwidth so that they can perform quicker downloads/uploads and keep their IP private.

With this cloud-based server, it becomes easy for you to upload/download torrent files with a great speed as this server is located in a high-speed data center. And once you have downloaded the torrent files on your seedbox, you can save it on your local computer via HTTPS, FTPS or SFPT without your ISP knowing.

Is Seedbox Safe to Use?

One of the biggest concerns of most users is whether a seedbox is safe to use or not. Well, you don’t need to worry because using a seedbox is completely safe and one of the best things about using this service is that your torrenting activity stays safe and private.

Since you aren’t downloading the torrent files directly to your local computer, no one will be able to figure out your IP address when you are torrenting via a seedbox. And the best thing is that even your ISP won’t send you any notice regarding bandwidth use when you are torrenting on a seedbox as you won’t be using your local computer bandwidth for the downloads/uploads.

All you need to do is use the FTP protocol when you are downloading the files from your seedbox to your local computer. The FTP protocol will encrypt the data being transferred and none would be any wiser.

Do You Need a Seedbox?

Well, this is a personal decision that you will have to make but to give you clarity on what you will get with a seedbox, here are a few points to consider:

Tracker Ratio

We all know that it is quite tough to build a good ratio on a private tracker and buying an upload ratio is not an option as it can be pretty expensive. So, if you regularly download content then your download speed will degrade with time as you won’t be able to upload as much as you download.

In such a situation, a seedbox can be really handy as it simultaneously uploads and downloads the torrent files to maintain a good ratio.

Safety and Privacy

Another major benefit of using a seedbox is that it allows you to safely torrent without anyone knowing about it. One of the most persistent problems with torrenting is that ISPs often flag your IP address and reduce your bandwidth or block torrent sites for you. In some worse case scenarios, you might even receive an email notice regarding the downloads.

With the help of a seedbox, you don’t have to worry anymore as your ISP won’t have information on what you are downloading and you can use FTP transfers for saving the files on your local computer without your ISP knowing it is a torrent file.

Online Media Server

Most of the seedboxes offer a huge amount of storage space and great upload/download speed, up to 1 Gbps sometimes. As a result, these seedboxes are perfect for streaming content directly on seedbox using media servers like Plex, Embry, and so on.

So, if you don’t wish to download content and take up space on your local disk, a seedbox could be effective in streaming media content.

Speed and Bandwidth

One of the best things about using a seedbox is that you don’t use your local ISP bandwidth but a remote bandwidth for leeching and seeding torrent files. The seedbox performs both the torrent uploads and downloads on its own and continuously seeds so that you can manage a good ratio.

Also, seedboxes offer speeds up to 1 Gbps that allows you to download large torrent files in just a few seconds.

Your local network bandwidth and speed only come into use when you are transferring the file from the seedbox to your desktop using an FTP connection.

Convenient to Use

Finally, a seedbox is extremely convenient to use as it can be accessed through any device. So, you can set torrent files for downloading from any web browser and let the seedbox take care of it while you away.

Once you are back home, you can simply use an FTP connection to save the files on your local computer.

Types of Seedboxes

One of the most important things to know about a seedbox is that there are different types of seedboxes available. And these seedboxes require different levels of technical expertise for you to be able to access it and manage it.

Take a look at the three main types of seedboxes that you can choose from, depending on your technical knowledge and your requirements.

Shared Seedbox

One of the most convenient and affordable seedbox options for new users, a shared seedbox allows you to enjoy the seedbox features without requiring any technical knowledge. With this type of seedbox, you get an easy to use web interface along and pre-installed applications and software that makes it extremely convenient and easy to use.

In this type of seedbox, there is a physical web server on which the seedbox is hosted and multiple users have access to this server via multiple seedbox accounts. As a result, the resources of this server are shared among the users although you get a dedicated HDD for your account. So, this type of seedbox is perfect for casual users and anyone who just wants to torrent quickly.

One thing that you should check is whether your seedbox provider allots a fixed amount of resources to each user or whether they are completely shared. If there are a lot of people using the server at the same time, it can slow down the speed a little bit. Also, do check the amount of total storage space and bandwidth that you are allotted with your seedbox account for each month.

VPS Seedbox

For slightly advanced users, a VPS or a Virtual Private Server seedbox is an ideal option to choose from. As the name suggests, your seedbox is hosted on a virtual private environment and you get a larger physical server for yourself. And the best part is that you don’t share this server with other users and don’t have to share the resources too.

You get root access to this virtual machine so you need to completely customize it yourself. For this, you would need knowledge of SSH which is why this seedbox server is a better choice for intermediate to advanced users. However, if you have expertise in root access and are looking for a dedicated server at the cost of a shared seedbox then a VPS seedbox is the perfect option for you.

Dedicated Seedbox

Finally, you have the dedicated seedbox that is set up on a dedicated server that only you can use. So, you don’t have to share the resources of this server with other users, making this perfect for regular torrenters who wish to manage and configure their own seedbox according to their needs and requirements.

A dedicated seedbox is the most expensive type of seedboxes and a lot of service providers give you root access to manage the server too. As a result, you need sufficient technical knowledge to set up your seedbox and run it. So, if you are not an advanced user with sufficient knowledge, this is not the right seedbox for you.

How to Connect to your Seedbox and Transfer Files

One of the most amazing things about a seedbox is that it can be easily accessed from any device that has a web browser like safari, chrome, opera, and so on. Seedbox is a web application and all the downloads and uploads happen directly on the cloud server so, you don’t need to keep your device open to continue the download.

You can simply access your seedbox from your phone or desktop or other browser supported devices, initiate a download, and then just turn off the device.

Once your files are downloaded, you can transfer them using HTTPS, FTPS, or SFPT methods. A seedbox provider offers you access to your seedbox download folders from your web browser and then you can even use tools like IBM to speed up the process.

However, one of the most popular methods of transferring files between your seedbox and local computer is via the FTP tool. You can use FTP tools like FileZilla, CuteFTP Pro, WinSCP, etc. to transfer the data. All the seedbox providers offer secure protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure), and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to securely transfer your files while encrypting your data.

How to Download your Files from your Seedbox

You can follow the below steps to download files from your shared seedbox to your local desktop:

  1. Buy your desired seedbox provider plan and then log in to your seedbox account via any web browser.
  2. Once you log in, you will find that you have access to a cloud-based torrent client, a dashboard, and a file manager to configure your account.
  3. Find the magnet link for the torrent file that you wish to download on your seedbox account and then paste that link in your torrent client.
  4. Wait for the seedbox to complete downloading the file, it will ideally take only a couple of minutes due to the high download speed.
  5. Once you have downloaded the file, you can save it on your local desktop. Here are a few ways to do that:
  6. You can use the HTTPS file download method to directly download the file from your web browser. Using a VPN during this step can add additional security and privacy layer for your file.
  7. You can also use encrypted FTP connection (FTPs or sFTP) to download the files on a secure network.

Should you Use a Seedbox with a VPN?

One of the most prominent questions asked by a lot of users is whether they need to use a VPN with a seedbox or not. We all know that both of these services cost money so, if you decide to get a VPN with a seedbox, it will be a costly affair.

However, you can determine whether you need both these services or not by specifying your needs.

A seedbox is effective in safe torrenting but it won’t offer you privacy or protection when you indulge in other Internet activities. So, if you wish to stay secure and anonymous all the time while using the Internet, then choose a VPN. On the other hand, if you wish to simply torrent and don’t want additional VPN security features then a seedbox would be sufficient for you.

For users who want to torrent and stay secure all the time while using the Internet, getting a seedbox and a VPN is a good solution. This will allow you to circumvent your VPN’s slow internet speed when you are torrenting and maintain your privacy online. A VPN will be particularly useful in anti-torrent countries and will even keep the information of your seedbox hidden from your ISP.

How Much Should You Pay for a Seedbox?

Now, one of the most common queries that most first-time seedbox users have is how much money should they spend on it.

Well, this figure can differ for different users as it depends on your budget and your requirements. You need to figure out how much speed and capacity you need for uploads and downloads and then select a suitable seedbox plan for it.

On average, a torrent user who just wishes to use the seedbox for downloading torrent files doesn’t need to worry about the total storage capacity. In such a case, you would be using your seedbox only as temporary storage as you would be regularly downloading your torrent files from your seedbox to your local computer. So, you would need around 50 GB to 100 GB storage maximum.

If that’s the amount of storage that you need then you can easily get shared seedboxes that cost less than 10 USD that will allow you to download all your desired torrent files. Also, if you get more storage, it won’t cost you much until you get a VPS seedbox or a dedicated seedbox server to completely manage it.


Well, now you understand what a seedbox is and how you can use it. If you are a regular torrent user then this is one service that you absolutely must have it. With a seedbox, you will enjoy amazing download/upload speed along with privacy and security when you are torrenting. Sure, it costs a few extra dollars every month, but it is extremely convenient and beneficial if you are a casual torrent user.

Don’t forget to select the right seedbox for you, depending on your technical knowledge, to make the most of it. Another thing to remember is that while you have an option to get a VPN, you don’t really need it if you are just going to be torrenting. However, if you want privacy and security for your other Internet activities too then you should consider getting a VPN for your general privacy.

Most importantly, take care of your tracker ratio as this will really speed up your torrent downloads on your seedbox. If you maintain a proper ratio, you will be able to make the most out of your seedbox account.

Download Cube World for PC

Are you fond of playing pixel games? Do you go crazy while exploring the pixel world? Then the game about which we are going to discuss here will definitely drive you crazy. Cube World is the perfect pixel game that you need to play if you want to enjoy the world of pixels. This game has drawn inspiration heavily from Zelda, Minecraft, Secret of Mana, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Monster Hunter, and so on. So get ready for a perfect amalgamation of construction, exploration, role-playing sandbox game. And the best part is the huge pixels!

As you enter the game, you will be overwhelmed by the colorful and vibrant world of pixels. The worlds are unlimited and endless. The game offers a wide variety of landscapes to be explored. There are dungeon mazes where you can get lost and have lots of fun. As a player, you will be capable of swimming, climbing, diving, and sailing, and so on. Also, the game allows you to capture and tame animals. You will be fighting other players as well as animals in the game for survival. It’s a fun game with loads of missions to be completed.

Features of Cube World:

  • Online coop multiplayer: This game allows you to go online and play with your friends. It supports the multiplayer version and thus makes the game all the more fun and interesting.
  • Pets: You will be given ample opportunities to tame your pets. All you need to do is to feed them the right kind of pet food. Feeding them will tame them for you, and they will support you and fight your enemies. You can ride some of the pets as well.
  • Special accessories: While exploring different regions and areas, you will come across several special equipment and accessories, for instance, Hang Glider, -divine harp, climbing spikes, and boat. These accessories enable you to travel safely and comfortably. Also, they may help you get access to locked areas.
  • Crafting: In the game, you are allowed to craft potions, equipment, food as well as elixirs. When you consume the food items as well as elixirs, you gain attacking power as well as acquire resistance over certain negative elements.
  • Combat: There are different combating styles, such as aiming, dodging, and so on. You can aim using a crosshair. You are allowed to stun your enemies utilizing strong attacks. You are capable of dodging the attacks of your enemies.
  • Artifact leveling: You have to go on collecting artifacts. As you keep collecting them, your level goes up. This is the main objective of this pixel game. These artifacts help in enhancing your exploration skills, make you capable of swimming, gliding, climbing, and so on.
  • Land bound equipment: Land bound equipment is that equipment which is bound close to the land. You need to collect these gears to maintain your strength and accuracy level.
  • Gear based progression: In this game, your progression is totally gear based. The entire game revolves around the collection of powerful equipment and products. During exploration, you will come across these items. As you clear the high difficulty level dungeon related quests, you will be rewarded with artifacts.
  • Rarity: The game also has rarities. The quests, items, and enemies are rated by stars and have colors like green, blue, white, yellow, and purple on them. So it is necessary to choose your weapon accordingly while killing or attacking the enemies. 
  • ●           Unrestricted exploration: In this game, you will be able to explore various landscapes. The process of exploration involves a lot of fun and excitement. The caves are mysterious, and exploring the caves will give you attractive rewards.

Installation requirement for Cube World:

If you want to download Cube World, you need to keep in mind following installation requirements so that you can play the game in a hassle-free manner.

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Processor: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 GHz, Rysen3-1200, Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 285, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • DirectX: Version 11

How to download Cube World?

  • You have to click on the download button, and this will redirect you to UploadHaven.
  • Then you have to wait for 5 seconds and click on the blue “download now” button. Then you have to wait for the download procedure to get finished.
  • Once you are done with the downloading, you need to the right click .zip file and then click upon “Extract to Cube World.BETA.zip.”
  • To complete the above-mentioned step, you need to have WinRAR.
  • Now you have to double click on the folder of Cube World. This will help you run the exe application.

Now that you have downloaded the game Cube World enjoy a whole new world of pixels, full of color, fun, excitement, and adventure.

Download Crap Cleaner for Windows in 2020

Have you always been someone who likes to clear the mess? Do you spend a lot of your time on your laptop? Do you face issues of over piling your laptop with unnecessary files? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is high time for you to download Crap Cleaner now. 

Most of the people out there have a wrong notion that CCleaner is the tool that is mainly used as a tool for maintenance. However, this is just half the truth, and not the full truth as CCleaner is capable of much more than that.

CCleaner, in the very simplest form, is considered as a tool that is used for ‘Disk Cleanup.’ It has a cleaner that automatically deletes all the temporary files. The tool is also used for uninstalling various programs.

Moreover, through a special feature, it also comes to know which are the files that are taking maximum space or duplicating. Everything has just one purpose in a place that is to free the hardware devices.

You can download cain and abel as an alternative to CCleaner.

If in case you have a disk that is completely full, one must consider removing some space as it helps the machine to perform way better. Hence, in times of full disk, one should free up all the space in the disk and give a huge kick in the performance. However, you should keep in mind that it is not actually a good idea to run Ccleaner on a daily basis. There have been times when Ccleaner is known for slowing down things as well. 

The features and tools of Crap Cleaner: 

1. Cleaner: 

One of the main features of Crap cleaner, as the name suggests, is ‘Cleaner.’ One can find the option of cleaner right under the tab. The cleaner primarily helps in deleting all of the files, which are temporary from the various programs and the browsers such as windows explorer. 

As mentioned above, clearing up all the temporary files, if they actually end up taking a lot of space, makes the computer run and perform better. On the other hand, amongst the deleted files, there must be files that make the computer rather better, and deleting them will cause you to harm as it will make your computer slower. The browser’s cache, such as saving of the images and various other files, leads these files to load a lot more quickly the next time when you end up opening a website. 

There is also this window’s explorer cache thumbnail, which helps in the loading of the folders with various videos and pictures. The content here reloads without actually reloading any thumbnail each time. The cookies of each browser make you log out into any of your favorite sites. Hence, due to this, one will not really have to log in each day again. 

Hence, basically, to sum it up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cleaning of these files regularly. The machine rather feels faster if you end up leaving some of the things as it is that is unchecked and clean them on a regular basis. One needs to click on the ‘Analyse’ button before actually running any of the cleaners to check if the items are taking more space than the desired space. 

2. The Registry Cleaner:

The next tool is the registry cleaner, which is a little different. Unlike any of the cleaner of the temporary files, we do not really suggest running this on any of the schedules. The registry cleaner actually helps if someone has ended up damaging his or her system. This cleaner doesn’t really contribute to increasing any performance normally. Also, in some extreme cases, they end up cashing a lot of damage. Hence, we suggest that until and unless the user has any sort of trouble with the program that is not installing or launching, it is better to leave it. 

Steps to Involve Crap Cleaner: 

1. One can visit the official website; and go on to confirm to download the file by just simply clicking on ‘Download File.’ 

2. Once the download is over, the next step is to run installing of the carp cleaner. 

3. Then there will be basic instructions given very explicitly; just follow that.