Best 5 Music Composing Apps

 Are you someone who is an avid lover of music? Do you like composing music on the go without any hassle? If you relate to any of these questions, then you are surely at the right place for the answers! We will be clearing all your doubts that you have regarding composing music as a whole.

 Music is something that soothes the soul and is something that connects people on a much deeper level. Someone who is really into music understands these things quite well because of the connection they feel with it. For budding composers, it is something that is a way to make their ends meet! We will be talking about the top music composing apps like the GarageBand that you can download and compose your music on the go without any assistance.

Top 5 Music composing apps

We have considered a lot of detail and kept several things in mind while creating this list so that you get to have the best:


One of the most potent music composing apps available currently, GarageBand is a must-have once you go through the beautiful experience! It is just like a virtual workstation for your music because of so many different features it has.

 The app comes with a multi-touch feature that is something most of the other music composing app lack. You also get to have high quality pre-recorded loops that you can use in any of your new pieces. You can create your music for possibly any kind of musical instrument that you can think of.

 The app lets you share your music on platforms like iMovie and iTunes so that the world can come to know about your talent. You can share your content on social media and other platforms as well. The best thing about the application is that the more you go in-depth of the app, the more powerful features you come to know about it.  The app is available for free on newer iOS devices and does not have any ads in the application that makes it one of the best choices for composing music. You can also run garageband on your windows system, check out this guide to run it –

  1. DJ STUDIO 5:

As it must be pretty evident from the name, DJ Studio 5 is your virtual DJ studio. The application has a wide variety of tools and other features that will help you in composing the best tunes that you can think of. There are custom skins available for the turntable in the application, and you can also customise your music in a variety of different ways. There is a powerful feature that lets you live to record your mixes as well so that you can make the changes in real-time.  

The application also lets you apply custom sound effects to the already created piece of sound that would allow you to have a wide variety of sounds without having to work on them individually. This is a compelling feature as it saves a lot of time and work. The app is entirely free and is available only on the Android operating system, which might be a bummer for some people. It has ads, but you can remove them by making some in-app purchases if they bother you much. 


Music Maker JAM is probably one of the most famous music composing apps that you would find anywhere. It is also one of the highest-rated. The app has probably the highest number of mix packs and remix track out of all the available music composing apps which makes it a leading name in this department. The application comes with tons of great and powerful tools and features that let you compose your music in the way you want. With the app, you can either compose pre-existing music or record your songs and work on them to give the final touch. You can add effects of different musical instruments as well. 

The app lets you create music and then share it on different social media platforms so that the world can come to know about the piece of art that you have created! There is even a community of Music Maker JAM users who share their piece of music and discussion about the same.  The application is entirely free to download from the store and install and is available on both Android and iOS platforms and has ads that can be removed by making some in-app purchases.  


If you want to create sheet music, then Maestro is one of the best choices for that! If you are a music student or a professional songwriter, then you surely need to have this application. 

 The app lets you compose music on different kinds of musical instruments like Piano, Violin etc. The app also lets you compose music in multiple tracks as well, which is a compelling feature in the first place. The app is free and is available on the Android operating system and has ads that can be removed by making in-app purchases. 

  1. CAUSTIC 3:

If you want to have a music composing application that has a unique user-interface, then you surely need to have Caustic 3! The UI is inspired by something related to rack-mount sampler rigs. You get to have several dials and slides with the app that lets you create music with ease.

 The app also makes use of a synthesiser that lets you compose powerful electronic music that will help you a lot when you are tuning with different tunes. The app also lets you automate a lot of features so you can work on several tunes without having to work on them individually.  The base app is free, but to have your compositions, you need to unlock the full version that costs $9.99. 

Music is the soul food for a lot of people out there, and we have tried to compile only the best for you here. We hope that you came to know about the best music composing applications available.