Download Crap Cleaner for Windows in 2020

Have you always been someone who likes to clear the mess? Do you spend a lot of your time on your laptop? Do you face issues of over piling your laptop with unnecessary files? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is high time for you to download Crap Cleaner now. 

Most of the people out there have a wrong notion that CCleaner is the tool that is mainly used as a tool for maintenance. However, this is just half the truth, and not the full truth as CCleaner is capable of much more than that.

CCleaner, in the very simplest form, is considered as a tool that is used for ‘Disk Cleanup.’ It has a cleaner that automatically deletes all the temporary files. The tool is also used for uninstalling various programs.

Moreover, through a special feature, it also comes to know which are the files that are taking maximum space or duplicating. Everything has just one purpose in a place that is to free the hardware devices.

You can download cain and abel as an alternative to CCleaner.

If in case you have a disk that is completely full, one must consider removing some space as it helps the machine to perform way better. Hence, in times of full disk, one should free up all the space in the disk and give a huge kick in the performance. However, you should keep in mind that it is not actually a good idea to run Ccleaner on a daily basis. There have been times when Ccleaner is known for slowing down things as well. 

The features and tools of Crap Cleaner: 

1. Cleaner: 

One of the main features of Crap cleaner, as the name suggests, is ‘Cleaner.’ One can find the option of cleaner right under the tab. The cleaner primarily helps in deleting all of the files, which are temporary from the various programs and the browsers such as windows explorer. 

As mentioned above, clearing up all the temporary files, if they actually end up taking a lot of space, makes the computer run and perform better. On the other hand, amongst the deleted files, there must be files that make the computer rather better, and deleting them will cause you to harm as it will make your computer slower. The browser’s cache, such as saving of the images and various other files, leads these files to load a lot more quickly the next time when you end up opening a website. 

There is also this window’s explorer cache thumbnail, which helps in the loading of the folders with various videos and pictures. The content here reloads without actually reloading any thumbnail each time. The cookies of each browser make you log out into any of your favorite sites. Hence, due to this, one will not really have to log in each day again. 

Hence, basically, to sum it up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cleaning of these files regularly. The machine rather feels faster if you end up leaving some of the things as it is that is unchecked and clean them on a regular basis. One needs to click on the ‘Analyse’ button before actually running any of the cleaners to check if the items are taking more space than the desired space. 

2. The Registry Cleaner:

The next tool is the registry cleaner, which is a little different. Unlike any of the cleaner of the temporary files, we do not really suggest running this on any of the schedules. The registry cleaner actually helps if someone has ended up damaging his or her system. This cleaner doesn’t really contribute to increasing any performance normally. Also, in some extreme cases, they end up cashing a lot of damage. Hence, we suggest that until and unless the user has any sort of trouble with the program that is not installing or launching, it is better to leave it. 

Steps to Involve Crap Cleaner: 

1. One can visit the official website; and go on to confirm to download the file by just simply clicking on ‘Download File.’ 

2. Once the download is over, the next step is to run installing of the carp cleaner. 

3. Then there will be basic instructions given very explicitly; just follow that.

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